Beyond the Blueprint

Structural Engineering

At Atlas Engineering, we understand the critical role of strong, innovative structures in shaping the future of our built environment. Our team of highly qualified structural engineers combines expertise with creativity to deliver exceptional solutions for your projects.


Experience the Atlas Difference: Precision Engineering, Exceptional Results

Whether you’re embarking on a new construction project or need expert advice on a renovation, Atlas Engineering is your trusted partner. We are passionate about creating structures that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible.

  • Structural Analysis and Design: We provide comprehensive analysis, calculations, and detailed construction drawings for all structural elements of your project.
  • Material Selection and Optimization: Our engineers leverage their expertise to select the most appropriate and cost-effective materials for your specific needs.
  • Building Code Compliance: We ensure your project adheres to all relevant building codes and safety regulations.
  • Construction Support and Site Inspections: We offer ongoing support during construction, providing guidance and addressing any structural concerns.
  • Building Renovation and Retrofitting: We have extensive experience in adapting existing structures to meet modern standards and changing requirements.
Safety First, Innovation Always

Where Structural Integrity Meets Creative Design

At Atlas Engineering, we don’t just build structures – we bring visions to life. Our team of passionate structural engineers combines cutting-edge technology with a commitment to safety and sustainability. Contact us today and let’s collaborate to create a structure that is both functional and inspiring.


Common Questions

Unlocking Potential Through Innovation

  • What is the role of a structural engineer in a construction project?
    • Coordination with the Architect on any structural conflicts prior to construction.
    • Coordination with Architect and Contractor during construction on any change orders, unanticipated conflicts, and repairs.
  • When do I need a structural engineer for my project?

    Every habitable structure needs to be stamped by a structural engineer.

  • How will a structural engineer collaborate with my architect and contractor?
    • Design of structural to meet applicable codes to meet life safety requirements.
    • Value engineer the design to minimized costs while still meeting codes.
    • Coordinate with Architect and Contractor through the building process.

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