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Residential Land Development

We recognize the value of designing and building premier residential communities. At Atlas Engineering, we partner with clients through the process of land use, zoning, and engineering. Our expertise in designing large, complex planned residential developments optimizes client success in obtaining land entitlements and maximizing the value of your property.

Peace of Mind from Start to Finish

Get the Most Out of Your Land: Strategic Planning for Maximum Value

  • Faster Approvals, Streamlined Process: Quicker turnaround on plans with fewer redlines.  Redlines are prioritized to keep the projects moving forward.
  • Maximize Property Value: We optimize land use and design community-centric spaces to maximize your development’s profitability.
  • Sustainable Development: Atlas Engineering incorporates eco-friendly practices for lasting value and responsible growth.
  • Targeted Expertise: We specialize in designing communities for specific demographics, ensuring the perfect fit for your vision.
  • Proven Track Record: Benefit from our experience in successful land development projects.
  • Client Education & Support: Stay informed and empowered throughout the process with our ongoing guidance.
  • Free Consultation: Discover how Atlas Engineering can unlock the potential of your land.
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Navigate the Maze: Your Expert Partner Through the Land Entitlement Process

Atlas Engineering is a leading provider of residential land development services. Our team of experienced professionals combines expertise in land use, engineering, and design to transform your vision into reality. We are committed to creating sustainable, thriving communities that enrich the lives of residents and enhance the value of your property. Contact Atlas Engineering today and let’s turn your land development dreams into a success story.


Common Questions

Expert Guidance, Exceptional Results: Atlas Engineering - Your Land Development Partner

  • What is the typical timeline for residential land development?

    Residential land development can take 4 months to many years depending on size and complexity.

  • What are the different stages involved in the land development process?

    Concept, Preliminary, Final, and Construction.

  • What zoning regulations apply to my property?

    If it is not part of the adjacent city, it will need to be annexed into the city. After annexation, you will request the zone that best fits your intended use. You may also choose to change the current zone.  It is ultimately up to the City to grant your zoning.  We can help you navigate this process.

  • What are some strategies to maximize the profitability of my development?

    Because time is money, we keep the engineering side of your project moving. We believe momentum on a project is key to gaining timely approvals. With a  quick turnaround on plans, this will aid in keeping the project moving.  We also pride ourselves on being responsive at all levels of the project from entitlement to as built surveys.


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